Once More, with Feeling

from by Surface Area



Deploy this valediction, circumspect, and raw contention
One-way tickets to suburbia
The horse the rides the mule
I canter about, trotting on the feeding soil
Where’s your thirst for life?

Give the path direction
Fashion it its length
Stop dead in your tracks

There are bigger, greater beasts here
Ones your dreams will honor vague
And thousands of tricks to eye

Study their faces and study their motions,
Study their patterns and formulate yours,
Keep this under control
Just breathe and be still so they won’t see you
A taste is so sweet, but a mouthful is bitter
As bittersweet, though hackneyed,
Attacks my wits, attracting
A donor for the heart
It’s endosymbiotic

Fetters chained to a freedom sign
Investigation 9 to 5
Distance all the leads across the aisles
Sow them all to save

The turn-ups won’t turn out this year
Better think of how to break the news
And don’t leak it to the press
The wolves will hunt to stay alive
Don’t confess a thing
Them, they all are toys to bat around
And reasonably now
You’ll calm things down, and rightly so
Keep this under control

You’ll never see the mess here with the lights out
And won’t you be so kind to give it rest
In peace there lies a place to hide, a place to lie
And worry no more
Cut off old limbs to walk on the new
Into the Pearly Gates

Erupt amidst the factions
Tremors through the crowd
And everything is still before it goes


from s​/​t, released September 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Surface Area Corvallis, Oregon

Surface Area is Pete Davis on guitar, bass, vocals, piano, accordion, glockenspiel, and synths, and Jon Lervold on drums.

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