Just the Same Old Thing

from by Surface Area



Have you said it all your life, or did you make it up last night?
You’ll have me running up the walls, well that’s just crazy enough to work
Did you fall asleep inside my arms, or did you pass out in my bed
After the guilt settled in that I’m terminal?
I’d bet the latter on
Tell the letter carrier
To make his haste

I’ve been waiting on this postcard all my life
I’ve a thousand prepared on return
I’ve walked down to the post to see if this letter has arrived every day now
If you’ve died in battle, or one the purple heart
Well mine has atrophied since you’ve been gone
So I sort through all the clippings
And I sift the quicker sand
But in the end

It’s just the same old thing, a hundred questions, over and over
This drill is passed elementary
And on to grammar skills and nuclear war
So I guess I’ll comb the glass out of the sand
Until the hour drops

The stars don’t keep you up at night, but the coyotes do
And they’re dying for a game that’s sound asleep
It’s all these natural habits that will get the best of you
And catch you making a stupid face
It all naturally happens when you’ve lost your alarm
You let down your guard, you’re coming up roses
You’re pushing up daisies
You’ve planted your tomorrows in the ground
But there’s no rain to feed the soil
You’ll put the taste of metal in your mouth, but don’t go so bitterly
Without a fight

And you know I’ll cry “Chief injustice!”
And you’ll cry battery acid
And pack your things to leave
Leaving all the things you need
And fill out all the paperwork
And to complete the field where they want to know your last words
You say just the same old thing that everybody says

It’s not my time to go


from s​/​t, released September 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Surface Area Corvallis, Oregon

Surface Area is Pete Davis on guitar, bass, vocals, piano, accordion, glockenspiel, and synths, and Jon Lervold on drums.

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