Heat and Friction

from by Surface Area



Raise the shades if you think they’ve given up on you
They can’t find everyone, some are never caught,
But wouldn’t you like to be?

There’s only so much they can do when the traces always fail
Here you’ll be safe from harm
Let the line down so slowly, nobody will see
Hanging from the window

And widows left to stay and recreate what went away,
So nobody remembers why they’re sad, and so distressed
You’ll never guess

A lion and a wildebeest at bay, but the eyesight is poor,
The teeth so very sharp, and this brain is small and short of air
The grass on the ground turns to sand and we drown,
Patience never got us anywhere

You’re feeling slightly overwhelmed
That’s quite typical, considering the facts

The wolves will run the tabloids and offer a reward for your face
The seam between the were and dog seem to coalesce
Can you sit back and stand the raw conviction?
Can you wait the rush of heat and friction?

The streets are full of criminals, the alleys aren’t safe
The monsters take the citadels, the thieves are on your grave
The shovels will sustain, but the concrete won’t let the best of them get by
On their selfish ways
It’s hard to go out at night

Care to watch the lines and walls and mirrors for your cause
The bugs could crawl subtly unnoticed

But when they put the pieces down, they’ll have you in a heartbeat
And if you disregard you can’t keep the front gates up
You’ll have to stand the heat and bear the bitter cold
And feel the shine if you don’t pony up and play this simple game
Holes can only dig so deep, rivers only run so far
Combs can only gather scant the evidence
You know they’re gonna nab you on the simplest of things
You’re not fooling anyone


from s​/​t, released September 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Surface Area Corvallis, Oregon

Surface Area is Pete Davis on guitar, bass, vocals, piano, accordion, glockenspiel, and synths, and Jon Lervold on drums.

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