Conference Room

from by Surface Area



What’s the matter, have you fallen ill?
You don’t look so well, perhaps you should get this looked at
I’ll write down the name and number of someone you could see
But I know you, and I know you’ll never meet him
So I’ll call myself, and see what he can do

For now, just relax, you’re getting too much stress
Veins are jumping from your neck and forehead

You’re getting much to tense
You’re breathing rather heavily
You’re gonna raise concern
Draw too much attention
You don’t get enough sun, your skin is pale as angels
You have a severe lack of vitamin D
You don’t get enough protein and calcium, you’re fragile
Your bones would snap like cedar under pressure
And stay away from carousels, and flashing lights and anything that spins
The motions won’t agree with you

Your prescription is in, but the doctor forgot words in important places
So when read, the syntax is muddled beyond comprehension

Wait the break of dawn, we’ll set out for the tropics
And settle at a beach house, proclaim it as our own
And war after war won’t win it back

Miners, they hide underground, and clergy in the chapel,
Business men belong in conference rooms,
But we were fit for battle, triumph over anyone who would dare oppose this stubborn rule
And you can be the leader, finally have peace and quiet
To rest and regain your health, and your posture
And on this salary you’ll be able to afford
Everything that you would ever need


from s​/​t, released September 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Surface Area Corvallis, Oregon

Surface Area is Pete Davis on guitar, bass, vocals, piano, accordion, glockenspiel, and synths, and Jon Lervold on drums.

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